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※Please inform all guests name,not only a representative.

First name  Last name
years old
requireDate of birth
year month day
requirePassport number
requireLast place of accommodation
requireDestination after departure
requireArrive date and time
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requireMail address
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* Please inform all guests name,not only a representative.

* When staying in accommodation in Japan, all guests are requested to register in the provided form their name, address and occupation.
The guests who are not residing in Japan are also requested to fill in their nationality and passport number.
These procedures are in place to aid and protect both foreign and domestic guests.
(According to Sections 1 and 2, Article 6 in the Hotel Business Law, and Article 4-2 in the Enforcement Regulations of the Hotel Business Law)

* For accuracy of the guests’ information, we may request that you should show us your passport and/or allow us to have a photocopy of it.
You may be able to omit the statement of your name, nationality and passport No. in the form if you take the above procedure.
Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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